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The Latest trend in Europe

It’s cool, it’s hands free which means stress free!  

Who will want one ….everyday people, cool people , not cool people, grocery shoppers ,normal shoppers,  festival goers, travellers, dog walking people, bike riders, scooter dudes, parkour kids, busy mums…EVERYONE.

But busy mums is my catergory,  I now give my 8 year old my phone who has a tendency to drop my phone…not anymore thanks to “Sanzabah” iPhone shoulder/necklace accessory.



We are a husband and wife team that thrive bringing new trends to Australia. This is our first launch of a new product that started in Berlin. It’s hot and a must have for Summer. 

We are working with different companies to bring Australia up to speed with what’s happening in Europe…this is just the beginning. Stay tuned but for now enjoy our iphone necklace/crossbody phone case.

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Is the strap adjustable?

Yes you can wearing across your waist or as a necklace.  Great for selfies!

Does it come in different colours?

Yes.  Three colours Willow (green), Azure (blue), Rose (pink)

How long does it take to ship

3 days within Australia

What size Iphone cases do you have?

2 sizes for iPhones .  7/8 and X/XS